008 Power and Speed – SmallBlockPosse.com checks in

Crunch and Mike in studio today. The phone system and live feed on Mixlr.com gets sorted out for live streaming. Podcasts are great, but you need to listen live to get callers involved. You asked, they did it, and it worked. Mike hates on Utah, and reach numbers in 1 week of being published are discussed. Come on Utah, ZERO?


Rich Bach, the man behind www.smallblockposse.com checks in.  This website is the real deal of Grudge racing for the East Coast.  Race setup, negotiations, and callouts happening. If you are into the Grudge scene, check it out. Tom is in Abu Dhabi, and gives a call in. Still working out the remote audio, but it seems promising. Tweaks will continue, and remote audio will get better and better. Alan is apparently in Las Vegas to locate Elvis.


They take calls from a Grudge race car owner, his driver, and John Franco calls in from last week.  The fans can’t be thanked enough for calling in and spreading the word. Check out Krazy Horse’s event at Island Dragway July 11th for good time.  The guys are gonna be there, so check it out.

007 Power and Speed – House of Grudge and Competition

Tom and Mike only in studio today. The guys found out that “Pinks” the TV show will be back. This Grudge/Street Race/Reality bandwagon is getting longer ever day.  

Crunch calls in from Fayetteville while attending a grudge race. He lives for this stuff, and make sure if you see him around the tracks make sure you say hi. He got some love from guys at the race about the podcast at the last race, and it’s much appreciated.  

Alan was sorting out a snow plow issue, and doing complex engineering type stuff.

The phone system gets the first live caller, and it’s a veteran “Hole” drag racer. This gentleman in the days of the hole was a well respected guy, and tough competitor to say the least.  


Tom is leaving for Abu Dhabi tomorrow, and if people do not know it, racing of all types is crazy over there.  They will try to get a remote feed from Tom while he is there, but can’t make any promises because all the remote stuff is still being worked out.

Latest Episode Posted

006 Power and Speed – Tom Bailey’s 300+ MPH 1 Mile Pro Mod


Mike, Tom, Crunch, and Alan are all back in studio today. Tom explains a gentleman by the name of Tom Bailey, with perhaps some level of mental illness, is going to race a purpose built ProMod in a 1 mile drag race. 300+  MPH is the goal, and Mike thinks that estimate is low. Crunch brings up a bone of contention for many Grudge racers, Class racers wagering on qualifying passes. Alan lends technical input on feasibility and his “ask the engineer” segement is discussed.

The guys don’t take calls yet, but over the next few weeks a live feed with live callers will be happening.

005 Power and Speed – Love and Hate on Street Outlaws

It’s winter, it’s cold, and it stinks.  One of the only avalable racing items of late is Street Outlaws.  The guys love it, and hate it… in fairness I think a little more hate.  They have high hopes for house of Grudge.

UK Top Gear is brought up, and that leads to the inevitable question of who wants what car gets brought up.  Alan goes Italian exotic, Crunch goes classy, Mike steals Tom’s choice with his unhealthy fetish for yellow.

Alan teaches us a knew acronym while explaining a gearbox, as a matter of fact, he is an engineer.

004 Power and Speed – Anthony DiSomma, Half Mile, House Of Grudge

Anthony DiSomma from DiSomma racing engines returns to back Mike up on his thoughts on half mile racing, Crunch gives his thoughts on a purpose built street drag car MPH potential, and Tom still holds his ground on the half mile stance.

Mike hits his pocket.  10G challenge is issued to Tom and the half mile guys.  It’s out there, now it’s up to Tom.


Grudge racing and the upcoming TV show House Of Grudge is discussed.  Everyone is looking forward to this, and hoping it’s “real”

003 Power and Speed – Facebook, Street Outlaws and the letter

Tom brings a visual aid for an audio podcast, but it is amazing a 135 CID motor can make more than 9 HP per inch.  Crunch makes his opinion known on face book about grudge racing “pots” and gets a little heat from some facebookers.  Street Outlaws comes up again with a little more discussion about the show and opinions of the show become evident.  Mike’s half mile opinion gets a little strong.  A half mile grudge race call out might be coming….

002 Power and Speed – Anthony DiSomma

Pro Mod driver and engine builder Anthony DiSomma stops in to discuss his racing roots with the guys. Who would have known?

Anthony was in his own words a “degenerate” kid along with Mike. They discuss his early days of street racing at the “hole” in Newark NJ, where Mike and Anthony both met Crunch, to his progression as a respected ProMod competitor and engine builder.

Anthony weighs in on the half mile racing dispute and Street Outlaws comes up again.   Seems like there is more to come on both of these subjects. Tom took the day off so he gets a little abuse.

001 Power and Speed – Pilot Episode

The first episode of The Power and Speed podcasts introduces you to the hosts.  Mike, an ex engine builder of many years from a well known NHRA engine shop.  Tom, an industry sales rep with more connections than linkedin.  Crunch, a local ex street racer who has progressed into a nation wide Grudge race personality.  Alan, an engineer who has worked for one of the largest aftermarket manufacturers of racing equipment.  Discussions range from Street / Grudge racing to all out speed of the Half Mile and One Mile races.  No racing celebrities on this one, but you will be surprised who is on the upcoming episodes.