011 Power and Speed – Simon Passes, “Pro-Stock Gordo”, DiSomma PDRA

Mike, Crunch and Tom in studio.  Alan is off with parental duties, and building a swingset. (I swear that’s true)

Some sad news, “Big Simon”, one of the founding fathers of Newark street racing has passed.  He will be missed by many, and rest in peace my friend.

“Pro Stock” Gordo, the new kid on the block of East Coast Grudge racing for Cash, called in last week for an interview.  Time was short, so the interview was added to todays show.  This guy tells it like it is, and calles everyhone our!

Anothony DiSomma, PDRA record holder and Rockingham event winner, calls in to check in with the guys.  Thata guy hes afunny.

We meet call screener Thaddeus after his first day of screening.  Was a slow call day because the guys blew in on the posting in various places.  He better not get comfortable, because the calls get busy.

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010 Power and Speed – X275 costs, Coast Chassis, Engine Building

Crunch, Mike and Tom in studio, Alan once again on parenting duties.  Feel free to call in and question his priorities.


Crunch saw Fast and Furious, and effective derailed abuse by taking the “in honor of Paul Walker” route.


Rudy from Florida calls in about some Florida racing on goings, and who is also a Coast Chassis customer. That called leads into the costs of a small tire stock suspension type chassis in a class like X25. This leads to Mike explaining just how much he misses building engines. 


The guys are talking to Mike Murillo, Ken Herring, and Tim from Coast for future episodes.

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009 Power and Speed – Custom Show Emirates, Tad, and Subarus

Everyone is back in studio this week. Alan returns from Vegas, and actually saw two guys racing on the strip.  Not what we would exactly condone. Tom discusses his adventures in Subaruing and tuning. Mike jump starts his “junk” Corvette in the sonic drive through, and is pretty clear on his 427 losing to Tom’s Forrester.


Tom explains the Abu Dhabi “Custom Show Emirates” engine building challenge. Imagine trying to find to identical trucks.  I wonder if plan B happened how that would get explained to Avis?

V8 Supercars is worth checking out when you catch them on.  They all can’t be winners, but most are really great to watch.



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