019 – Power and Speed – Corvettes socks, Charlie Buck Break-in, Getting Kids into racing

Mike, Tom, Crunch and Tad in studio.  Phones apparently were not working last week, but they are fixed for this week.

GM has given Mike the news his Corvette is going to be fixed.  The repair of the warranty is authorized, but you can tell at some point this is going to put Mike over the edge.

Tad is still trying to sign on to Yellow Bullet to get a self learning injection guy to call in, but it seems he has issues with getting signed up.  Now this could very well be Tad and not Yellow Bullets fault. 

Mini-Van Tom brings up the Charlie Buck racing engines break-in and robbery.  Reports have it as high 1.3 million in engines and related parts stolen.  That is a substantial loss, and we all hope they really find the people behind it.  

Crunch did a little car shopping this weekend.  Looked at a ZL1 that is now over 70K.  He’s 100% right, for 70K.. why not buy a Corvette?

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016 – Power and Speed – Cool Toys and Newman Doc

Mike, Crunch, Tom in studio.  Tad is here, but in the penalty box for not doing his homework.

Mike has been trying to get the guys to watch “Winning: The racing life of Paul Newman” from Adam Carrola for some time now.  So far Tom is the only one who actually watched it.  Tad has been relegated to the “green room” with popcorn and TV.  He will return after he finishes his assignment.  It’s a great movie, and every car guy should watch it.  Much more to Paul Newman than you can imagine.

Crunch was scheduled to run a race for cash, and he cancelled for his own reasons.  He has taken quite a bit of heat on Smallblockposse.com, but he is not afraid to tell his side on mic.  He lost a deposit, but won another bet.

Mike again has corvette issues.  On the hook again and back to the dealer.  He’s not happy and explains the motor failure along with the failure of the clutch system.

Toys:  Everyone had them, and every car guy had something that they remember that at the time life was never better.  The passion that car guys have all things mechanical starts at an early age.

A few callers, Crunch get to talk to his opponent after the deposit forfeit.  A caller checks in from Michigan, Fireman Jeff calls in, and Crunch’s racing partner Hassan gives the fairest man in drag racing his props.

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New Episode Published