058 – Power and Speed – Scott Clark Pro Tuner, DiyAutotune

Mike, Tad, and some guy named Tom in studio.

Well everyone is finally after back in studio after leaving Mike hanging last week.  He’s not pleased.

Tom was away for like 27 days in Abu Dhabi at the Custom Show Emirates.  The engine build and dyno shootout sounds like it was a great show and a really good time.  The people of the Emirates have a very serious group of car guys, and some of the stuff they do sounds straight up crazy.  Tom fills us in on the dyno and build shootout as well as some two wheeled fun.  Not what you are thinking… you will have to listen. 

Tonight’s guest Scott Clark and he is to say the least a very accomplished tuner.  Scott has worked on just about everything.  From Larry Larson’s worlds fastest street car to NHRA Stock and Pro Stock.  Scott has even been involved in the Engine Masters Challenge.  That is a wide range to say the least, and there is lots of good information in this episode.  (Street Outlaws fans, something in there for you too.)

Sometimes you end up with some preconceived notions without knowing enough about it.  We are all guilty of it, and the best we can hope for is keep an open mind.  If anyone thought DIY Autotune was not something serious, you should listen to Scott Clark in this episode.  The guys learned that DIY Autotune has some things going for it that deserve a very serious look.  If you are looking for a platform, DO NOT skip over this one.  Give them a look, you will be quite surprised.  

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