055 – Pwer and Speed – Howard Tanner Redline Motorsports

Mike, Tom, and Tad in Studio.

Hollywood Tom will be doing his traveling again.  Abu Dhabi (with Howard), TX2K, and others are in his schedule.  Please if you are anywhere he is, ask for his autograph.  Mike and Tad have a bet weather or not his head will actually inflate enough to explode.   

Howard Tanner from Redline motorsports called in tonight.  Updates on direct injection are always welcome.  Like or not, just like carb guys had to, embrace the newest tech that powers our toys.  DI has quite a few advantages but at the same time needs the aftermarket to grow some new products.  This entire method of fuel delivery gives a new set of parameters that must be taken into consideration.  

Shelby, Roush, and other factory purchasable hot rods have been available for a long time.  Shouldn’t GM have this too?  

We could go on about this here, but let Howard explain.  

Live again next week Monday night at 7:00 PM EST on Mixlr.com.  Call in number 908 751 0211.  Live callers welcome, and this will be the line for giveaways.

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