056 – Power and Speed – TX2K, GM FAILS, EPA

Mike, Tom, and Tad in Studio.


Our very own “Hollywood Tom” visited the Royal Purple raceway this past week for the Texas 2K race.  This is a fairly interesting event in comparison to straight up drag racing.  If people do not know what this is all about, think “roll racing” but at a drag strip.  For most of the old school drag racers this is a little strange, but the numbers are very impressive.  

GM’s fails can be debated and argued forever.  The guys on the show are all GM guys for the most part.  (Tad is sort of a Chrysler guy)  It’s really hard to understand from the outside why GM does what it does.  Mike has a love hate relationship with the Excursion but at this point there is nothing to replace it on the market.  Why can’t GM make a Duramax Suburban?  Diesel performance interest is pretty high, and lots of people love trucks/SUVs.  GM are you listening?  Mike has an idea, try not to get arrested.

EPA and politicians, two very dirty words in most car guys vocabularies.  Is this why we don’t have the cool rides that seem like no brainers to build?  It’s hardly an excuse for GM’s designs, but could explain the lack of vehicles people want to see.  

Nest week is up in the air.  Tom is traveling to Abu Dhabi for the “Custom Show”.  He might call from the plane being the high powered celeb he is.  Follow on Facebook to get updates on the plan for next week.

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