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Mike, Tom, and Tad in studio on a Sunday.

Sunday Sunday Sunday.  All the NJ guys will all know where that comes from.  Sunday recording this week due to travel plans and impending snow storm.

We always try to have tech guys where we can, and we all like learning from the best people in the business.  Tom knows just about everyone, and if he doesn’t he knows someone who does.  There is no shortage of great people who can come on, and this one is for the engine guys out there.

Phillip Data from King Engine Bearings calls in to give some details about bearing types and construction.  We know tons of people who just say, standard crank, give me a set of standard bearings.  90 times out of 100 it will run, is it the right way to do things? No.  Phillip gets into some of the variety of bearings King manufactures, and why what bearings are used for a particular purpose.  If you are trying to go over an engine yourself, you should do two things.  Listen to this show, and give Phillip at King a call.  That small amount of research will protect your investment.  We look forward to having Phil on again, there is lots more to talk about when it comes to bearings.

Continuing with our Drag Week theme, tonights second guest has a unique perspective.  PJ Nadeau is not only a Drag Week competitor, he covers the Drag Week event as a contributor for Hot Rod.  He has seen the competition side through his own eyes and knows just how hard this is to do.  PJ’s articles provide coverage for the guys (like us) who are not running in the top class.  Everyone who does the Drag Week event deserves some recognition and PJ does a fantastic job telling their stories.  Check his articles out on the Drag Week section of Hot Rod.

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