101 – Power and Speed – Dave Localio – DragWeeker Richard Guido

Mike, Tom, Tad, and special guest Dave Localio of HeadGames in studio.

We have only had the chance to have a guest in studio a few times, and it’s always easier than talking on the phone.  Dave Localio is responsible for some very serious boosted cars with insane boost levels.  The prep of the factory head is crucial at these boost levels.  The TX2K event that just concluded featured one is his customers cars.  Don Summerton calls in to recap this event, and you should listen to the boost levels on these 2JZ cars.  Dave lives closer than I realized and he can stop by from time to time and we would love to have him back.

We decided we are going to stay with the who DragWeek topic.  These guys are the reason this event is what it is today.  DragWeeker Richard Guido is a 4 time competitor.  Richard and his father (75 god bless em) make the trip in a 1965 GTO 517 F1C Procharger with a STICK!  This is a real honest to god Pontiac and a real honest to god synchronized stock T56 trans.  Richard has a great outlook on the whole event, and you can tell from listening to him he loves this stuff.  Listen in, another great advertising for DragWeek.




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