103 – Power and Speed – Jason Harding of Katech – Alex Corella Drag Week

Mike, Tom, and Tad in studio.

Drag week continues to monopolize the podcast.  There are so many things to discuss, and Mike is researching everything 24/7.  When questions come up our goto guy is Jason Harding from Katech motorsports.  This time, it’s an odd issue about what is going on the with the EPA and tuners?  Jason knows all about the ins and outs of EPA approval and practices.  We will have more about this in future shows, but it is scary stuff for the tuners and street guys.  Seriously, if we go to Jason for answers you should too.  Doesn’t get better than Katech.

Continuing with out Drag Week participant schedule Alex Corella calls in to share his story.  His 93 Fox body actually uses a Ford engine.  With all of the LS swapping going on it’s nice to hear some guys stay true to the brand.  Alex runs in the Super Street class and has some good stuff.  If you listen to guys like Alex and our other guests and don’t want to do this, We don’t even know what to say.

Live again next week Monday night at 7:00 PM EST on Mixlr.com.  Call in number 908 751 0211.  Live callers welcome, and this will be the line for giveaways.

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