109 – Power and Speed – Paul Yaw and Tony Palo of Injector Dynamics

Mike, Tom, and Tad in studio. 

Serious moment from Power and Speed.  Listen guys, bad guys are bad guys.  Go easy on the terrorist stuff.  We all have strong feelings about these assclown, but don’t let that cloud your judgement about people.  Maybe if we all focused on the car guy end things would be a little better.

Tonight we have two heavy hitters in this industry.  Paul Yaw and Tony Palo from Injector Dynamics call in to go over some products and discuss some tech.  The latest from Injector Dynamics is the ID F750 fuel filter.  The level of detail that goes into a product design from these guys is amazing.  There is lots of good info about filters and the principals behind them that you should listen to.  Going further with new products is the talk of the fuel pump they have displayed at the trade shows.  Paul and Tony have some really good tech on their future pumps.  Hint- in tank for big power.

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