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Mike, Tom, and Tad in studio. 


Oh boy, here we go again.  Fans will remember the show after Trump won the election Mike happened to play a Kid Rock song for the show open.  There is no way we could have known this guy is going to run for office in Michigan, and in some early polling he’s actually up.  Well we know this guy certainly isn’t gonna be able to say he’s a nice wholesome gentleman…crazy times

The Team 260 guys (you have to say Two Six Oh or they get touchy) have been trying to put on a race called “Neglection” for some time now, and they keep getting screwed up by the weather.  It looks like it’s finally going to happen!  Seriously, these are good guys, and they know how to treat people at an event.  The event occurs at Lyons Raceway park on the 29th of July.  If you are reasonably close, head there.  We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Tonights guest is Dave Vassar of Nitrous Outlet.  Dave shares his story of starting out in parts retail industry and ended up landing squarely in the nitrous kit and component manufacturing area.  Dave is responsible for some of the most well thought out nitrous kits on the market.  Puck systems, Stinger systems, and the new Interspooler system are all straight out of their in house R&D center.  Dave gets into some of the details of the various kits and there evolution through testing.  Lots of good stuff from Dave, and we would be happy to have him back anytime.

Live again next week Monday night at 7:00 PM EST on Mixlr.com.  Call in number 908 751 0211.  Live callers welcome, and this will be the line for giveaways.

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