118 – Power and Speed – Tony Palo of T1 Race Development and Injector Dynamics

Mike, Tom, Fireman Jeff, and Tad in studio.


Fireman Jeff is in studio and he is the luckiest man around about now.  He broke a lifter, and hurt nothing else in the process.  That NEVER happens, but you always see the craziest stuff if you are around this long enough.

This is the second attempt at tonights guest, but well worth it.  

Tony Palo from T1 Race Development and Injector Dynamics joins the show.  Tony was on once before with Paul Yaw, and together they are the Co-owners of Injector Dynamics.  Separately they both own their own companies, T1 Race Development and Yaw Power.  

T1 was born out of the import performance market and has gravitated to the GTR performance industry.  Tony has a long history with import performance, and the GTR is really the logical destination.  There is quite a bit to the GTRs and what it takes to make them make over 2000HP. Listen in for some in depth information about Mainline Dynos, dyno testing, application of Injector Dynamics equipment and much more.  

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