122 – Power and Speed – Joe Rivera of ProTorque

Mik, Tom, and Tad in studio.

Well, that’s it.  Now sports are a political mess too.  We are all going to try to stay more clear of these issues.  All these guys should try a sport that takes real balls…ya know what we are sayin.  A little acceleration therapy might do them some good.

First caller of the night is Jake Blain.  We hate to see people have their pride and joy get trashed, and this guy had a tough time.  He lost an injector o-ring and a massive fire ensued.  Jake actually bailed out of the car before it stopped it was so bad.  He’s ok, but his car isn’t.  Go check out 5252rpm.com and buy a hat to help em for christ sake.  Remember, a car is always replaceable, your health is not.

ProTorque.  We have all heard the name if we follow any drag racing at all.  ProTorque is a serious player in the converter industry and Joe Rivera calls in to give some insights into business, tech, and relationships??  Joe talks about different aspects on the converter and how changes affect it’s operation.  There were some very key nuggets in here about the stator, fluid relationships, and construction.  A couple of ProTorue customers call in, and we would like to have them on individually as well.  

Joe is a NYer and we would love to have him in studio if he gets out this way.

Joe is a native NYer and we would actually like to have him in studio one night when he fells like taking a ride.  

Live again next week Monday night at 7:00 PM EST on Mixlr.com.  Call in number 908 751 0211.  Live callers welcome, and this will be the line for giveaways.

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