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Mike, Tom, Tad, and SS Jeff in studio.

Our buddy Jeff stopped by tonight to fill us in on his SS that Mike has been helping him with.  The initial tunes are done and the car is solidly in the 10s.  There is more left in it, but it is a true street car.  It drives like a stock car, no meth injection, and still weighs in at 4400LBS.  It’s really nice to see this working out so well, and we hope for more data soon.

Since Mike has been fumbling about with HP Tuners tonights guest is a good fit.  

Dave Steck of DSX Tuning calls in to give us some insights about stock GM PCMs.  There is no doubt some things with a stock PCM become problematic.  They pose a unique set of problems and DSX has some very nice items to help work though them.  More and more street guys are going to other than NA route to make big power and things like E85 really help.  The stock PCM has the ability to do this but you need a few things to get it going.  DSX has some great kits that are easy to install to do the hardware conversion.  After it is installed a few tweaks with HP Tuners and you are ready to go.  DSX has quite a few “make life easier things” so if you are a GM PCM guy check him out.

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