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Mike, Tom, and Tad in studio. 

There are a few companies that achieve a level of success that most of us can look up to.  We all had engine builders, car builders, and racing organizations over the years we followed.  There is no doubt that most categories of racing at the professional level get difficult to say the least.  That is gross understatement when you are speaking about 24 hour endurance races.  Katech met the challenge head on, and made their mark in racing history.  

Kevin Pranger of Katech Engines called in to give us some insight into his career at Katech and where they are today.  Anyone who has ever poked in at a endurance road race on TV has seen the GM Corvettes.  They have been front and center for years, and the Corvette Racing legacy really started with Katech and Kevin Pranger. In 1997 GM got together with Katech and the C5R program was born.  Though the program GM and Katech secured more than a couple of high profile wins.


What can Katech do for you, the regular car guy?  How about CNC porting of your heads at an unbelievably low price?  Or a complete spin fixture tested valve train package?  Katech is the real deal, and you are not doing yourself any favors if you do not check out what they have to offer.  You cannot get the level of experience they posses from many other companies.

There is lots of history here and lots of information on LS3 engines that last in endurance racing.

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