015 – Power and Speed – Memorial Day

Mike, Crunch, Tom and Tad in studio tonight.

Happy Memorial day.  Not enough can be said about our Veterans.  Does not matter if it is Memorial day or not, be nice to a Veteran.  They are the only reason you are free to live your life like you do.  From all of us, a heartfelt thank you!

Mike has issues with weight and circle track racing is slowly sucking him in.  He will slowly implode, just watch and see.  Mike saw a beautiful 62 Chevy Nova and after talking to the guy a few minutes they talk about the single turbo that is under the hood and who built it.

Tad has food issues, and as sure as Mike is going to implode Tad is going to explode. Tad brought up the subject of self learning EFI.  A tuners worst nightmare is becoming a reality.  I am sure the guys will research this and have more on it next week.

Crunch caught some racing this weekend, and he alerts us our guests from a few weeks back “Gordo” and “Krazy Horse” both had races.  Some good, some bad, some a little controversial.

Tom basically did nothing all weekend, and STILL did not watch “Winning, the racing life of Paul Newman”.  Even though he didn’t you should.  Great movie, amazing story.  Tom is still sporting the multi cool minivan, and the Subaru has a return date set.  (Mike is gonna wup ya Tom)

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