013 – Power and Speed – Salt, Tires, and Tad’s new role

Mike, Tom, Crunch and Tad are in studio.

Tom is leaving again, Tad is still trying to figure out how to put headphones on, Crunch’s word list is out, and Mike has issue with salt?

There is an Alan swingset update, and it looks as if it is almost complete, but that does come with news of his departure.  Tad will be in for Alan for the foreseeable future.

The very first question from a listener is addressed.  Tires and a little bit of what guys are using now.  Radial vs Bias and  tire brands are discussed.  Clearly they are not tire experts, but try to give a least an overview of what they know.

Live again Monday night at around 7:30 PM EST on mixlr.com. Call in and be part of the show. 908 751 0211

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